So, Who is this Guy?

I started taking music lessons on piano at the age of 10 and then the home organ at the age of 12, all the rage in 1976.

Upon entering high school I wanted to learn as much as I could about music, so I took up the trombone in music class and joined as many music department bands as possible, as well as studying vocals in choir and taking private lessons.

When I was 18 I was assessed by an RCM instructor as playing piano at a Grade 8 level even though I had taken only about 2 years of lessons and was largely self-taught on the home organ. It was in my studies with this teacher that I discovered that in order to teach popular music a radically different approach was needed. At age 18 I forced myself to learn the guitar right-handed as left-handed guitars were hard to find and could be quite expensive (I am naturally left handed).

During the 1980s I played keyboards, singing and writing for Lindsay area Christian rock band Edifire. My final concert with Edifire was in 1992 opening for internationally renowned Christian rock artist Kenny Marks.

Since moving to Toronto in the mid 1990s I have been the Music Director for various Toronto area churches, on part-time staff with two of them. I have been teaching private lessons since 2009, first at a well known local music school then from home. I have also done and am available for studio session work.

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